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TV Tom demonstrates techniques that teachers and students can use to create custom short  movies for use in games, virtual worlds, and multimedia in education.

Dr Tom Benjamin is a Sydney psychologist and researcher.  This TV station follows the Chautauqua tradition of variety. Music videos are the primary content but the same techniques can be used for educational, comedy, and documentary movies.

These videos demonstrate royalty-free modes of content creation. Where this is not Tom’s own home footage it is from public domain and open source archives. Some of the home footage demonstrates techniques such as puppetry, rear projection, 3D animation. Tutorial demo’s of these techniques are posted at .   All music soundtracks are public domain songs arranged and performed by Dr Tom. Complete versions in mp3 format can be downloaded under Creative Commons from  The music system allows you to learn how to play guitar in 10 minutes. Many of the Tom TV songs have been re-arranged to the special chords of the system. provides more details to these stories. is a blog of my current themes and is a demo site showing how a club, group or school can easily host their own international multimedia network by use of free Web 2.0 resources.


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